How being a middle man online can make you money?

Today I will talk about a great business idea which is used on the Internet. We will talk about how to become a mediator between the site owner and the advertiser, and ways in which you can earn. Many people Continue reading “How being a middle man online can make you money?”

Toilet paper business…

Today I am here to give you a simple and promising business idea. This may be absurd and funny in our modern society, but it may still work for some markets. So, let’s get to the point, it is manufacturing toilet paper with anecdotes. Continue reading “Toilet paper business…”

Flocking – great business idea!

Today I will tell you about one very interesting business, flocking various surfaces. For starters some words about this process. Flocking is a unique technology of creation of a pleasant velvety covering on the most different surfaces. After processing, the surface becomes similar to real velvet. Big plus of this business idea is that this technology is widespread. In some provinces this business is not completely developed, but I am sure that you saw “velvet” surfaces that were created by this technology. Try remembering the “velvet” bottle of champagne. In spite of the fact that the technology is not so widespread, the demand is rather big. It turns out that it is simply ideal option for small business. Continue reading “Flocking – great business idea!”

How to start a fishing business?

If you impatiently waiting for good weather to go to the nearest river with a fishing rod to spend half a day to catch a small trophy fish, then today I will give you a business idea that will suit you well. Why not earn money with your favorite hobby? You ask, how? It is very simple. Become a paid instructor for beginning fishers (as a rule, your potential clients are people who had never held a fishing rod), who are ready for everything, and are willing to be taught to learn how to catch fish. Continue reading “How to start a fishing business?”

Online Business VS Offline Business

Where it is better to develop your business, on the Internet or in so-called offline (that is, out of a network)? I have decided to begin my blog from this important topic. I think that among you guys, there is a person who is also excited about this question. So, let’s try answering this question, which business is better, online or offline? Let’s not impose the opinion to all, but I think that best of all is to have business both online and offline. Here are some arguments to protection my point of view.

Continue reading “Online Business VS Offline Business”