Inflatable Military Tanks and Planes For Sale

inflatable tanks for sale

Original business was created by “Rusbal” company. Earlier this company in Moscow specialized only in production of balloons and inflatable trampolines. But, in the conditions of high competition it is necessary to constantly think about something new and outside the box. Here the “Rusbal” company found the right niche. Continue reading “Inflatable Military Tanks and Planes For Sale”

Importance of Communication in Management

Perception of reality, the human being sees the real through its internal filter. Your reference is always himself. When looking, judges and perceives. In the age of communication, many companies still do not know how to reach the target audience. The… Continue reading “Importance of Communication in Management”

Lobster farming

So, today we will talk about a business based on cultivation of crayfish. These surprising creations are improbably popular almost in every country. As you probably know, they are popular because of the flavor which any other “seafood” can offer. Such exotic product as shrimps cannot be compared with popularity of crayfish. Before I begin, I will tell a small story from one of my friends. Continue reading “Lobster farming”

How to make money blogging? Use Akisa as an example!

An interesting blog topic was brought up by blogger Akisa from Australia. As all girls, she before purchasing a lipstick visits shops and websites to see if the shades are the ones she wants, if the color is good etc. Very often the chosen shade of the lipstick did not correspond to the delivered one. As it has become clear, even on the official producers websites of the lipstick, number of shades do not correspond to their real analogues. Continue reading “How to make money blogging? Use Akisa as an example!”

Unusual fashion blog

Today I will explain how an unusual idea can become a profitable business. As you already know, there are millions of blogs on the internet, among different topics you can find anything you wish for. A big chunk of them are fashion and clothes blogs that females love so much. I found one interesting website that does something interesting and it is called “I Hate Your Fashion” I guess you got the idea after reading the name of the blog. The blog belongs to one blogger from Illinois. This blog is not very interesting and popular because reviews and pictures it posts are showing the crazy fashion, designs and styles in the world. Believe me, some of them are really WEIRD! Continue reading “Unusual fashion blog”

Opening an International Restaurant

Today I will tell you about an idea which was born in my head recently. I do not know, whether someone offered something similar, but anyway. I suggest making an international cafe. I understand sounds unclear, and even clumsy, but I will explain the essence of idea. Continue reading “Opening an International Restaurant”