How being a middle man online can make you money?

Today I will talk about a great business idea which is used on the Internet. We will talk about how to become a mediator between the site owner and the advertiser, and ways in which you can earn. Many people who start using the internet immediately begin seeking out some super abstruse methods of enrichment, which in some cases are very obvious, but sadly people still fall for these scams. Some are hypes, some of them are obvious scams, some promise 1000% revenue in one day, etc.

That is why many people do not achieve any success. Such ways of earning, which I quoted above, they are, of course make money, but not for you, but for the opposite party. In order to become an expert in this field, you have to go through a lot of downhills and fails. Yes, I am the one who failed too many times, and I know that there are those who seek something, because they believe in the victory, and I truly believe that they will or have reached something. The most interesting thing is that people who fail do not notice some simple and fast ways to earn, because the majority is falling for the more promising deals, which are most of the time are scams, and the methods which bring less money are left unseen. One example of such methods is to mediate between the advertiser and the owner of the site on which the advertisement can be placed.

Everything is very simple. Your goal is to find the sites (blogs) that require advertisers to know conditions of accommodation of advertising (cost, subjects, dates, etc.). A very important point is to get the information from the resource owner about the traffic and data. There’s no point to work with websites which have low stats and low traffic. Once all the information is collected, you are ready to search for advertisers. Offer a place for advertising on the site by specifying a higher value than the owner of the site. This will be your income.

For example, if the cost of monthly banner on the website is worth $50, you name the price for advertiser around $65 – $70. This way you will earn 15$ – $20 with one deal, which is already quite good (especially for newbies).

Do not hide from the owner of the site that you are a mediator with. Typically, the owners of the resources welcome this fact and can even reduce the cost of advertising on its site. For example, from $50 to $35 dollars a month. Understand what that entails? That is still $15 profit per one transaction. You can obtain the same total $30 – $35 dollars per contract. If you will have 7 or 8 websites, or placements, or contracts, there is a possibility to get $210 – $280 dollars per month. Agree, this sounds quite good, but nothing stops you from having 10 ads on 10 websites, there are always people who are willing to advertise their service or a product on a niche related websites. This way, you can get anything from $1000 up to $ 3500 per month, and even more, as everything depends how much time you are willing to spend on this. Yes, it is not easy, but no one said that big money will easily fall into your pocket.