Toilet paper business…

Today I am here to give you a simple and promising business idea. This may be absurd and funny in our modern society, but it may still work for some markets. So, let’s get to the point, it is manufacturing toilet paper with anecdotes. Jokes will be located directly on toilet paper. In General, not necessarily to make paper with anecdotes. Here the main thing is to use your imagination and understand what will be most interesting to the consumer. Maybe someone doesn’t like jokes, and likes some interesting notes from the world of science, etc.

You can create several versions of the “informative” toilet paper, for example, toilet paper with anecdotes toilet paper with aphorisms, toilet paper with a description of scientific discoveries, toilet paper with poems by famous writers, etc., I think this product is sure to be in demand. The most important thing that buyers will not notice that the toilet paper is more expensive than usual. If, for example, a roll of plain paper worth 2$, and the “informative” toilet paper will cost about 12$ per roll.

For “writing” on toilet paper you want to use special equipment that is sanitary-hygienic paint.

Do not forget about a major advertising campaign for this products. It is important here to emphasize some properties of the product. And it is not important whether this property is from competitors, the main thing is that in advertising you pointed it out first. Remember toilet paper “Zewa”. They focused on the fact that their products have high softness. But, if you think about it, the competition now is in soft paper (at least, strong increase in sales was not seen). It is very important, that the softness part was said on television. If you say it on TV that your paper is the most “informative”, it immediately affect the buying demand. It is very important to give increased attention to any property of the product.

The most important thing is that the technology for the production of toilet paper with anecdotes has long been used in the West and the owners of this businesses bring good profits.