How to open a business repairing car glass?

Hello everyone, finally finished with my exams and am ready to share one simple, though profitable business idea. The business consists of repairing car glass. This type of business may be relevant in small and/or medium-sized cities where you will not have a lot of competition. In a small village you can be the only one who would be offering such kind of service. Repairing process includes removing various defects of the glass, such as chipped and scraped parts of the glass, with the help of special tools and equipment it is possible to remove the damage and make it look as good as new. Many of you may ask why I believe this idea is profitable? Well, you cannot imagine how often people deal with this problem, when on the road small rocks “shoot” other cars, also some angry drivers scratch other cars out of anger, well, we can call this vandalism. Of course this is a very unpleasant situation. To fix these defects you need special workshops. And there is a lack of workshops like this in every city.

Also, I was reading a story of a businessman who was having trouble with his car repair shop, but then stumbled upon a similar idea, tried it, and now provides the glass repair services in his workshop. This is a great example of a profitable business. Here I will give specific figures: the cost of repairing one centimeter crack is no more than a few dollars, while its selling price may be 10$ – 30$ or even more, depends on the region in which you leave, so please do check. It turns out that profit from a 10cm crack may be 100$ – 300$. Do you think this is not a lot of money? It seems to me that it is enough to understand how profitable this business is, and the perspectives of it.

For this business idea you need:

  • Equipment for auto glass repair.Information can be found on the internet.
    • A garage, which you can rent of buy in your area.
    • The operating personnel.One location can served by two people, so you can start doing it yourself with a friend or relative;
    • Various consumable materials, etc.

This business requires specific investments, but it is able to generate significant income too, so good luck and have fun.

P.S. Watch this tutorial where it is explained how to fix a similar problem.