Drones for cleaning services “Cleaning drone”

Cleaning drone In our innovative world there are so many technologies to improve quality of life. For a couple of years many innovations have been created and are gaining popularity in our modern society. Today, I will discuss a very interesting business idea which is very interesting and is not used in the world yet. The idea is to create a cleaning drone, or a drone for window/roof cleaning purposes.

Why drones?

They are easier to arrange and prepare for work, rather than teams of people with a lot of professional equipment. Drones are cheaper, as the drone can be maintained by one person and can be faster in cleaning the windows and roofs without breathing the chemicals in. As right now the death rates of window cleaners are growing due to buildings are getting higher, the regulations are getting stricter every year, which means it is more difficult to find the right professionals for the required jobs, so the salaries have to raise etc.

Check this video where a window cleaner on a skyscraper was saves by a drone:

Who will use this service?

So you may ask yourself who is going to use these drones and who the target audience of such kind of service is. The most popular clients of this service are going to be companies with large facilities, institutions and house owners. Why? Because buildings have to get cleaned once or twice a year, and by saying clean, I mean not only the windows, but also the roof, as many birds like to do their “Dirty” business there.

Why switching?

You may ask why it should be adapted? Why should the cleaning services switch from the common way of cleaning roofs and windows to something which exists for only a couple of years? I’ll explain why:

  • Safety
  • Time saving (for people and process)
  • High demand and low supply
  • Not a lot of special skills required
  • Reach places where a person cannot reach
  • Cheaper
  • Automatic check if cleaning required


This service would be used mostly by business owners, especially businesses which have a skyscraper, a large facility or building. The desire to cut the costs required to clean the building (windows and roof), the time which is needed to complete the work, lowers or may I say eliminates the risk of being sued when deadly accident occur while cleaning.

Check another video and imagine how difficult is would be for cleaners to clean it and which risks they can avoid by using a drone: