Alternative reality game

Today we will tell about a Belarusian businessman Ivan Maslyukov who has thought up of an interesting business. Everything happened unexpectedly. Though, not too unexpectedly. Ivan has watched the film “Game” and… OK, let‘s go step by step. Everything has begun in year 2001. Ivan went home by tram and has remembered the film “Game” in which the protagonist receives a game as a gift. He does not know the rules of the game, but the bet is his life. The film was very much pleasant to Ivan, and he has decided to create a game on its basis.

He has created the game “Fight”. The first game has passed in 2001 on October 7 at midnight. The whole game has been divided into seven stages. The first six stages passed on the Internet, on one server. And the last stage transferred participants of game to reality. They had to go “somewhere” and to do “something”. Not all participants of the game have gone outside to search for adventure. Some people were more comfortable in front of their computers where it was nice and cozy. But, there were also those to whom this invention was pleasant and interesting. These enthusiasts were the impulse for creating a game “Fight”, which is a city quest. (Nowadays it is called ARG – Alternative Reality Gaming)

Such games became very popular. Today city quests based games exist around the world. One of the most known ones is made by google and is called “Ingress” Maslyukov’s project has its representation in 30 countries of the world, it testifies the great popularity of this game. The game essence is, for some stages to reach the finish, and what is interesting is that participants do not know what awaits them on «the following turn».

As to earnings, the system is very simple: participants chip in together in general “purse”, a half of the gathered sum will be the prize and the other half is his income. Participants are usually around 20 people. Bets of 200$ are not a rarity. General “moneybox” is 20×200 = 4000$ dollars. 2000$ prize to the winner. And 2000$ as a payment to the organizer. Very good income for one night. And now Ivan holds the projects in thirty countries, how much money he receives? Think about it.