“Magic Pen”

Long time, no see, after receiving some mails from you guys,  I will try to make you a little bit smarter today as fast as I can. So, there is very old idea, maybe not very original, but may be very profitable. So, to the essence of my offer is… Business of selling «Magic pens». I said that the idea is not new… But, nevertheless, it has the right to its existence. So, what it is necessary for the business, what profit can we expect and, what are expenses go for this business idea?

Let us look into it. Fort starters I will explain for those who do not know what is «a Magic pen»? The „Magic“ it has is that it writes with invisible ink. That is, seen only after «special processing». All manuscripts become available to an eye of the person only under the ultra-violet light. Now, when everyone knows what are we talking about, I will continue…

After wandering on open spaces of our virtual web called internet, I have found several suppliers of similar products who are ready selling these pens in a wholesale at the price of $0.05 – 0.2 a piece at order volume from hundred pens and more, also you can find fancy ones for $0.3 a piece.

Cost of these pens in shops (including Internet shops) are from 1$ and above. In some places I have seen these pens at the price of 3$ – 5$. So it means that it is possible to make a 700% – 2000% turnover from one pen. Not bad at all if you ask me.  It turns out that selling magic pens is quite a favourable business with minimum investments.

Who are the clients of such shops?

The main clients are school students and students for whom invisible ink is the real rescue during tests and examinations. In conclusion, we need to opne a shop which sells magic pens or online shop. If you concider opening a shop, do it near a school or university.

Now let’s count the possible profit

If we buy 100 pens at a price of 0.05$ each. It is an expense of 5$. I would sell them online or university‘s facebook groups or somewhere somehow connected to the university. It is possible to sell 20 – 30 pens a day. Put the price around 2$. It is very cheap, but for you is 4000% of a net profit. It turns out from one pen you will have 1.95$. Per day 40$ – 60$ of net profit. In a month… you can make your own calculations.  As a result from a 5$ investment in this business, you may receive 195$

Therefore, I think that selling magic pens is quite good business which does not demand any knowledge and big investments.

I wish you luck… Remember everything is in your hands.