Inflatable Military Tanks and Planes For Sale

inflatable tanks for sale

Original business was created by “Rusbal” company. Earlier this company in Moscow specialized only in production of balloons and inflatable trampolines. But, in the conditions of high competition it is necessary to constantly think about something new and outside the box. Here the “Rusbal” company found the right niche. Inflatable tanks and other military equipment became a new type of business for the company. Surprisingly, the idea has quickly found its clients . To be exact, Armed forces of the Russian Federation. All these inflatable tanks (T-72, T-80), planes (SU-27 and INSTANT-31) and missile systems (S-300) are magnificent models of the real military equipment. The main reason of popularity of these objects in Russian military is that they perfectly distract the opponent from real tanks and rockets.

That is, similar inflatable tanks can simply confuse the opponent. Besides, similar “toys” are very mobile, only 30 kilograms and are inflated in 5 minutes with special pumps. Maintenance of one inflatable tank requires one liter of fuel and that is not a big expense for Russian military.

inflatable tanks for saleIt is possible to distinguish the inflatable tank or plane from a real prototype only from a very short distance. Even a radar of the opponent will perceive a model as a real military unit, because balloons are filled with hot air and copy’s temperature of a real working engine. Many details of the inflatable tank are “dynamic”, the tower, for example, can turn. It allows the models to not look monotonously and be more natural. In my opinion this is a very interesting case which clearly shows us that there is always another way for everything.

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