Lobster farming

So, today we will talk about a business based on cultivation of crayfish. These surprising creations are improbably popular almost in every country. As you probably know, they are popular because of the flavor which any other “seafood” can offer. Such exotic product as shrimps cannot be compared with popularity of crayfish. Before I begin, I will tell a small story from one of my friends.

«I caught some crayfish, some 100 pieces. I caught them on a fishing tackle. Brought home, but did not want to cook them all at once. They lived with me almost 3 months before they got on my table. Then I was convinced that crayfish are very unpretentious and that it is easy to grow them at home. From that moment a couple of years have passed, and only now I understood that crayfish are a perspective business idea. They are unpretentious, in good conditions they quickly reach the commodity size, are demanded in the market …».

Now let us pass to the idea itself. It is necessary to know that there are two crayfish types, one that lives in lakes and the other one in the rivers. Here we will focus on the lake crayfish. Lake crayfishes are larger than river crayfish.

What do you need to cultivate lake crayfish?

First of all, you need a reservoir. One important thing is the region where you live. You need to live in a region where there is not a lot of freezing days and mean temperature is going to be +5, and then you can easily dig out a pond and put some crayfish in it. They will grow quickly in such conditions and in a year will everything will be ready for realization.

Feeding is simple, you just need to throw some earthworms into the pond. It is necessary to  do it regularly, because hungry crayfish have a feature  to eat weaker representatives of the family. You cannot let it happen.

Above we talked about cultivation of crayfish in the southern regions. But what about inhabitants of colder regions of the country? Certainly, it is possible to cultivate crayfish in ponds, as well as in the south, but… Crayfish can survive cold winters, but they have an ability to fall into hibernation during cold seasons, and during hibernation they do not grow (Which is a big problem). That is, in cold regions crayfish do not reach normal “commodity” sizes, as they do not grow at all.

Therefore, it is desirable to cultivate crayfish in warm heated rooms. In aquariums. Just like small aquarian fish. In such conditions crayfish dumps his armor 5-6 times per year. And, as we know, after armor dumping the size of our pet increases. Within 10-12 months it grows till the necessary sizes and is ready for realization. Feeding “room” crayfish does not change from the way you have to feed those which grow up in ponds.

I think that no problems will occur while doing this type of business, because crayfish is very demanded in the country, a lot of people love them for their specific taste and flavor. Shops, restaurants, bars and ordinary buyers can become clients of you «Lobster farm». I think that finding clients is not very difficult. The main thing here is to cultivate the worthy goods.

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