Unusual fashion blog

Today I will explain how an unusual idea can become a profitable business. As you already know, there are millions of blogs on the internet, among different topics you can find anything you wish for. A big chunk of them are fashion and clothes blogs that females love so much. I found one interesting website that does something interesting and it is called “I Hate Your Fashion” I guess you got the idea after reading the name of the blog. The blog belongs to one blogger from Illinois. This blog is not very interesting and popular because reviews and pictures it posts are showing the crazy fashion, designs and styles in the world. Believe me, some of them are really WEIRD!

I already aidsaid, you can find articles, photos and videos about bad taste in fashion. All materials are real life examples. Generally, this blog is a favorite place for those who would like to discuss passing by tastelessly dressed “pedestrian”. The content is mostly generated by the author and visitors of the blog (there are many of them) have an opportunity to discuss this or that person. The girls reading these posts can see similarity of this blog to a Glamorous magazine heading in which badly dressed stars are derided. This is the nature of this blog.

The blog is very popular not only thanks to a large number of photos of the «street fashion», but also thanks to authors sense of humor.

It seems crazy how people can turn ideas like that into business. I believe that a lot of work is still required to make this specific niche stand out, and it is a perfect opportunity for my readers to jump into the free niche! Wish you to turn your ideas into business.

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