How to make money blogging? Use Akisa as an example!

An interesting blog topic was brought up by blogger Akisa from Australia. As all girls, she before purchasing a lipstick visits shops and websites to see if the shades are the ones she wants, if the color is good etc. Very often the chosen shade of the lipstick did not correspond to the delivered one. As it has become clear, even on the official producers websites of the lipstick, number of shades do not correspond to their real analogues.

It was very offensive to order pink lipstick, and to receive a dark brown one! It was very unpleasant for Akisa and she has decided to fix this situation, and at the same time create a very good Internet project. The main mission was to help all girls and women who often appear in similar situations. Later the “Beauty Swatch” project was born. The project had reviews of shades of all producers of lipsticks, which made the service a real assistant in choosing a lipstick for women.

Authors of the project help women to pick up a lipstick shade which is suitable for them. Photos of real lipstick shades from different producers are attracting fashion lovers from all over the world.

Moreover, readers can send photos in order to help to pick up an ideal lipstick shade. Website includes a forum where discussions of all the last novelties in the field of lipstick and many other things are conducted.

The main difference of this project from the majority of others is that the author of the blog has decided to spread information which is checked by users. She does not trust what producers write and tries to show to people the truth.

After reading about this project, I have remembered that recently I have seen a similar blog which was called “the Cosmetics bag”. This is a similar fashion project. It focuses on cosmetics as a whole. The author of the blog also does not trust what is told and written in advertisings. She tries to test it herself and to write a honest review for the readers, really truthful and useful articles. Business has to give people what they really need, as it is the most profitable method! Good luck!

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