Opening an International Restaurant

Today I will tell you about an idea which was born in my head recently. I do not know, whether someone offered something similar, but anyway. I suggest making an international cafe. I understand sounds unclear, and even clumsy, but I will explain the essence of idea.

This idea is also relevant for people who already has the cafe, and for those who are planning to open a similar institution. So, I suggest dividing the cafe into world countries, figuratively. So, the scheme is simple, I bet you have seen cafes which are divided to separate sectors, booths. Right? These booths, as a rule, differ among themselves in sizes. One booth can be counted as a double booth, others for 4 persons, the third for 10 people etc. On the basis of these booths we “will construct” our multinational cafe. Maybe you already have an idea that I am talking about? I suggest to divide the cafe to 5-10-20 (everything depends on the sizes of the cafe) booths and each of these booths must be decorated in traditions of this or that country.

For example, one booth will have a Chinese style, bamboo everywhere, walls decorated with hieroglyphs, and everything will be shining with help of the well-known red lamps. Generally, the booth should be impregnated with the Chinese culture should not have a table. Chinese, after all eat while sitting on the floor. No knives and forks, only Chinese chopsticks. I think that the idea is clear already.

The following booth can be created in Italian style. The walls decorated with stone, there is a lot of green photos of Rome on the walls. Menu should have spaghetti, pizza, etc.

All other booths are created in the same way and in any style you like.

But there is more to come! I suggest making a national menu for each booth. That is, people sitting in the “Brazilian” and “French” booths cannot order the same food. Everyone would have a special menu.

It seems to me that if a café or restaurant is going to implement this idea and work on it, then they will have a lot of client coming back to try different dishes without going to different places. This is definitely something I would pay for, and I think others would too. I wish you luck!

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