Comfort and convenience for sale! Featuring “Frogbox”

I already said that the most profitable business is business which makes clients life more convenient. The client is ready to pay big money for comfort, and today we will discuss a similar business idea. It will be about a «containers for rent» service. The biggest complexity in this case is transportation of the objects to a new place. They should be packed, put accurately in packages, boxes, etc. This service might be inconvenient, tiresome and difficult, but the complexity makes this market less competitive and rich.

Specialists of the Canadian firm “Frogbox” have created special containers for transportation of things to a new place. The company has not exposed these containers for sale, and has preferred to lease them. This was the best decision ever made. Surprisingly the service is in great demand, because convenience when moving stuff is always required.

A very interesting thing is that these containers are ecologically safe as the firm is strongly cares about safety of the environment. Thanks to it, they attract even more attention for their service.

One more feature is that all boxes completely repeat the size and form of usual compartments.

Boxes (containers) are leased for unlimited period of time. It is possible to take the container for a week, and it is possible to take them for a year (probably, some clients need this feature). Payments are weekly. Cost of weekly rent is 99$ for 25 boxes. Plus delivery cost is from 30$. In case your order includes big amounts of boxes, the delivery will be for free.

Generally, the client receives convenience, the company receives profit. Everyone is happy! It is necessary to tell that in Europe this service can also become very popular. So, do not miss a chance. I wish you success!

A great commercial from the company to make you understand how the boxes look like.

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