Cat tree – «All genius things are simple».

I think that many people in your surroundings have a cat, or maybe even you are a cat owner. If so, then most likely you of your cat owning friends had problems with destroyed furniture. I am right? After all, each cat likes to sharpen claws using master’s favorite sofa, a table or side of  a wall. The business I am going to tell you about is the solution for this problem.

Ancestor of this business is Michel Dip who has invented a special product for cats, a scratching post. The initial idea was not for the sake of money and glory, but for the sake of comfort, he’s own comfort. At first, this invention has been used in Michel’s flat. The scratching post was passing tests thanks to family’s cats. As we see nowadays, it has passed them successfully. After that, Michel has decided to patent the invention and to start advertise the scratching post on the market. He succeeded.

After the description of a scratching post has been published in the PBS Everyday Edison’s magazine, Michel began receiving offers of cooperation.

He’s invention is very simple. A board covered with a carpet and an emery paper, that’s all! There were many discussions and criticisms around this product. Who could think about such a simple product? But, as I already told – «All genius things are simple».

Such a simple thing led to creating a perfect market and even better income. Think, that yet does not suffice to the modern person? It is possible that it is anything trifle which will change your life, and make you a great businessman.

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