Selling calculators: Calculate your income

Today we will talk about a shop, not about a usual shop, but about a highly specialized one. It is a calculator shop. It may sound funny but such shops are opened in many cities and bringing owners very good profits. If in you haven’t seen similar shops in your region, you have to take action fast. It can become your main source of income, and we are talking thousands which will make you happy. So, let us start.

It is obvious that everyone has calculators on their smartphones nowadays, but their range is actually much wider. Calculators differ, pocket and accounting, calculators that are able to work with the logarithms, others can create schedules on a special display, able to calculate sine, tangents, cosines, difficult radicals and any degrees.

You can create some departments selling the following calculators:

  • Ordinary calculators for house use;
    • Calculators for students;
    • Calculators for school students;
    • Professional multipurpose calculators.

The design of your calculator shop should be suitable. Walls may represent mathematical calculations and figures. Also, it is possible to hang up portraits of great mathematicians. Generally, it is necessary to create «a mathematical atmosphere».

It is necessary to approach you clients very responsibly. These people should have an idea how to use their calculators, and you have to be able to explain everything using simple language. Clients have to be well informed about all novelties in the sphere.

A little bit about the suppliers. The best option is to work directly with the manufacturers. The best calculator manufacturers are Casio and Citizen. If you start working directly with these companies, then you can count on their help in business organizing (they will help with a choice of show-windows, with personnel training, etc.).

The largest target markets are pupils and students. Therefore carry out the advertising companies near universities, schools, institutes, colleges, etc. There you can find your potential buyers. Wish you luck and a good day!

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