Fresh fruit right where you want it!

Today we will talk about a great business model which is delivery of fruits to offices. This idea is very perspective in large business centers where large quantities of offices are located.

Finding clients for this business is possible if you live in urban areas or nearby them. Remember how pizza delivery works? And it is still working nowadays, and it is still popular. This is almost the same thing, but this time fresh fruit is added! Vitamins are necessary for everyone, especially for office workers who very often forget about their health and suffer from lack of nutrition.

The most interesting that delivery of fruit in offices and homes is still a little widespread. Such services exist only in the large cities, such as London and Paris. What I want to say is, the niche is almost free!

Office workers are not stopped by the inflated price of the fruit, after all, appetite during work is considerably increased. Fruit is very useful and don’t have a lot of calories. Besides, in business parts of the cities it is almost impossible to get fresh fruit (you just cannot find them there).

Fresh fruit business requires:

  • Premise for the office
    • A warehouse for fruits
    • A cook for preparation of fruit salads
    • Car and a driver
    • Arrangement with fruit suppliers
    • Advertising in mass media
    • Managing director, which is you

This business, in my opinion, is very favorable and perspective. Besides, there are almost no competitors. I don’t have to tell you that vitamins are important, so health propaganda is not that bad, especially if there are fruits.

Great example of such service in London.

I wish you luck!

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