Elibrary at your service!

I will tell a small story how two companies have created mutually advantageous business. It will be about Sony and OverDrive companies. The OverDrive company is engaged in worldwide distribution of digital goods. Two companies have united efforts and have created a new service, an electronic book exchange by means of libraries. 9000 libraries participate in the program from all over the world. Interestingly, how many books are placed in nine thousand libraries? How do you think?

Readers from all over the world can use free of charge electronic books presented in libraries. The idea is realized according to principles of usual “real” libraries. The reader takes the book from library for a certain period of time, reads it and returns back. For certain, it is very interesting, but why should you return the book? After all, it is possible to leave the book to yourself! But I am here to tell you that everything is not so simple. When the deadline comes, the program simply blocks the book from user and becomes “unreadable”. Nice, Hugh?

The project has huge number of clients from all over the world and people are in favor to advertise and promote both companies. Readers win from such cooperation. Think about it, books are never-ending sources of knowledge, and the main thing is, it is free! So think about making something in your country or maybe locally, this is just some food for your brain. I wish you to be productive!

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