Room design ideas

An interesting project was thought up by founders of a website “Normal Room”. The main idea consists in collecting photos of flats from all over the world. That is, anyone can upload photos of his flat on the website. I must say that the idea of the website is very interesting and perspective, because on one hand it is a serious project which can become very interesting to designers and architects from all over the world. They will have thousands (or millions) ideas of interior designes from all over the world and can get new ideas for own practices. On the other hand it can help average people in arranging their apartment. You can leave comments with design recommendations to other people or other users can reflect on your interior.

It seems to me that the project is very perspective and can grow big in the future. After all, the idea is very simple. I can tell from my own experience, that the majority of beginning businessmen are trying to create something very difficult. BUT! Usually profitable ideas are right in front of you! You just have to open your eyes!

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