Graffiti shop – is it profitable?

While looking at the painted walls of the Hague city buildings, one small business idea came up to my mind. More truly, at the beginning it will be small, but over time can evolve and become big. So, this will be a topic about graffiti and how can you earn from it.

Graffiti is a hobby which is about painting on house walls (outside of course), fences and other objects with various inscriptions, drawings, etc. It is possible to see a lot of ugly graffiti, but there are real works of art that are very pretty and amazing. Authors of such beautiful graffiti are clients of business that I am offering you here. Graffiti are made by using spray, paint, sketches, models, etc. I will go into some detail below.

I suggest organizing a small graffiti shop. Such shop will contain sell equipment for «fans that will make the city colorful».

What you should have in your shop:

  • Sprays;
    • Brushes;
    • Paint;
    • Models;
    • Step-ladders;
    • Sportswear (yes, they are regimentals of “graffiti masters”);
    • Convenient footwear;
    • Training lessons of graffiti art. It is possible to find open spaces for that;
    • And many other things

Your clients will be all “creative” youths of the city! And there are a lot of them!

There are almost no competitors in this niche, or most likely they don’t exist! It is possible to consider other niches as competitors, shops that sell clothes, footwear, paint etc., but most likely not. They are not competitors, because those kind of shops are located in different city areas and it is inconvenient for the client to buy all his equipment from “not” specialized shop.

To start this business you need a small room and some goods. There are expenses on advertising of course, then some investment to buy paint and sprays. One of the best options is to tell about this service and to create a website. As our clients are teenagers, they will quickly find information about your shop online. To keep the shop on you own in beginning is quite possible.

The idea of this business is very perspective and interesting. Excellent option, especially for large cities.

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