“Anybody seen my dog?” or Searching for missing pets

Today I will tell about two interesting resources which have organized a business that helps owners to find their missing pets. Let’s pass to their description.

The first website is “Petamberalert” offers such service. The client reports about loss of a pet, sends his photo. Employees make a poster on the basis of the photo, create the description of the animal. Further the given poster is dispatched on all veterinary clinics,  animal shelters, near pet-shops, and even in police stations. Radius of action of mailing is around 300 km. Mailing is made by means of mail, fax, and email. After receiving a poster, the staff of services unpacks necessary number of announcements and sticks them in places of congestion of people. If the animal was found, all the services are getting a request to take all the posters off.

The second similar service is the “FindToto”. The unique difference from the previous service is that animal owners receive a notification by phone. The subscriber is called 4 times in an hour, until he will answer the call. By phone the company report about where to look for the photo of the animal and his description. The client himself can choose number of calls.

Costs of services differ, in the first case from the number of dispatched posters, in the second from number of calls. But, as a rule, animal owners do not pay any attention to the price.

I think this is a very complicated thing to do, and requires a lot of organizing, but also I know that this service can bring happyness and joy to the clients, and a lot of happy money for you. Wish you luck!

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