Jewelry cleaning

Today I will tell you about a service which is, cleaning jewels. The main accent will be on cleaning bijouterie. Why, bijouterie? I will explain everything. Crisis in Europe rages, so many buyers refuse to buy gold and silver, and pass on to more available, but not less beautiful goods, bijouterie. Bijouterie is made of usual metals which are not that precious, for example a semiprecious stone. It should be noted that some types of bijouterie are more expensive than silver and gold. Very often, as well as silver and gold jewelry, bijouterie loses the trade dress. It blackens, grows dull, becomes covered with raid etc. There are two ways: or to buy a new bijouterie, or to clean it. The second option is more preferable, as many products from bijouterie cost hundreds (and even thousands!) of dollars. Do you understand what I want to say?

It is necessary to offer a service which will qualitatively and quickly bring people’s favorite jewelry into its original form. What it needed to organize a similar office? Let’s talk about it in more detail.

To clean gold, use lemon juice and toothpaste is suitable for silver. But, what should you do with bijouterie to which these methods do not apply? We need a special product which will not allow our bijouterie to lose its trade dress. Many products are coated, and under the influence of chemicals can peel off. Therefore, for cleaning of bijouterie it is necessary to create unique solutions. Only experts in chemistry can create them. So, if you know Mendeleyev’s table, etc., you can try creating similar solutions. But, if you are not an expert in chemistry, the best way is to call a professional. Best of all is to recruit good jewelers and chemists to do the work. Though you also should pay salary, but, there is 100% that they will not spoil expensive bijouterie.

To organize this business you need:

  • Experts who are able to work with jewels;
    • Special clearing solutions;
    • A room. The room should share a workshop and a reception desk. The reception desk should be beautifully trimmed, as you work with jewelry. The workshop is not available to the client, therefore its outlook depends on you;
    • Also, it is possible to take care of beautiful boxes in which clients will receive their cleaned products. They can be bought (price for one box is around 1$).

Your services:

  • Bijouterie cleaning (gold, silver, etc.);
    • Repair of products;
    • Appearance change (lengthening, truncation, increase in diameter etc.).

Business is connected with jewels, so it is capable to bring very big profits. The main thing is to approach very responsibly and to offer clients really good service. Success!

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