Car window tinting

Today I will tell you about a great business idea which is based on providing a service, automobile window toning. This type of business is very demanding and always actual. Besides, it is also a very profitable business, especially, if you live in the city where with small competition in this market. Who are your clients? Every car owner is! Well, nearly every. If you will observe your city traffic, you can see that every second car has a toning tape on its windows. Some cars are completely toned, that is, all windows are toned. Other car owners prefer not to irritate the police and tone only the back part of a car (back window and back lateral windows). As you can see, potential clients for such business are almost every driver in your city. And if there are clients, then this business has the right for existence.

What do you need?

Firstly, in this type of business skills are required. If you don’t have experience now, various training materials, paid seminars, consultations, training, and of course continuous practice can correct this situation. We think that if this occupation will be pleasant for you, it is possible to learn it fast. Secondly, a room or a platform where toning process will take place. Thirdly, you will need a tape which you will put on the car window. You can buy this tape in any auto shop. Fourthly, advertising. It is possible to place an announcement in newspapers and magazines, and also, on the Internet.

Income part is very complicated because there a lot of things you have to take into consideration, the region and the local prices for similar services. On average, toning the car costs from 100$. Further the price will rise, depending on the car and the tape chosen by the client. In a day it is possible to tint from 2 to 4 cars. That is 200$ – 400$ a day. You have to make your research. I wish you luck!

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