How to start a green business by renting out Christmas trees?

New Year is coming! One of the main problems for many inhabitants is the Christmas tree acquisition. There is always a question: artificial or natural? Naturally, the live looks better, smells and creates a holiday atmosphere. It seems that the choice is obvious, but it is not… There is one things that stops people from buying natural tree, the understanding that it will kill it.

Today I will tell you how to help all these people can create their own business and to help solving this solution. The idea consists of renting out Christmas trees! Yes, it appears to be possible. And, by the way, it is a very profitable business, though seasonal. Everything that is required is to have a lot of land (the more the better!) and young saplings of fir-cones (or pines). Also, transport which will deliver a fir-tree to the client and a certain number of personnel (which depends on the business scale) is necessary.

How this business looks like in a nut shell:

The client chooses a fir-tree on your site or arriving to the place of their cultivation, then decides on a choice, orders the pleasant fir-tree. Then you dig out a fir-tree, place in the special “box” filled with soil where the tree will continue «to live a normal life», then deliver the goods to the client, he rejoices, celebrates holidays, after that calls you and asks to take away a tree, you go to his place and take away a fir-tree. In the end put it back to the place of its “residence”.

Maybe a little bit long, but clear and simple scheme of work. Everything is simple and clear. Certainly, this business requires some investments, but they will pay off in the first New year.

Some companies offering fir-trees for rent have some additional services. For example, there is a company that has a fantastic idea to “persuade” customers to come back every year. They give them an opportunity to celebrate every New year/Christmas with the same fir-tree! Surprisingly, it is very attractive for the clients to have “their own” fir-tree, that they will see each year! Wish you luck!

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