“Ktrak” bike business

Nowadays there are more fans of extreme sports and extreme ways to relax. It should be noted that the number of people who enjoys biking have increased in the last 2-3 years. During the summer a lot of people are using their bikes to reach their destinations that are not so far away. What to do if someone really wants to bike during the cold and snowy winter?

The Canadian firm “Ktrak” had found a solution by developing a special set of equipment for a bicycle. The bicycle with “Ktrak” equipment is capable to move without any problems on a snow route. Instead of the forward wheel, bicycle has a ski, and instead of the back wheel there is a caterpillar. The structure of a caterpillar includes the main big wheel and a little transfer and smaller wheels. It becomes a peculiar all-terrain vehicle with a manual drive which is comfortable. Ktrak is capable to cycle not only on snow, but also on sand.

How “Ktrak” made it work?

How can this invention help us in developing our own business? Well, there is not a big variety of possibilities, but it is worth to at least take a look.

  • It is possible to trade similar devices in the region, and develop a profitable business. To do it you need a room under the shop, communicate with suppliers of “Ktrak” (best of all is to work directly with the Ktrak company) and a certain package of advertising;
  • Second option is to create something similar to the “Ktrak” invention. Well, I do not know, can be a flying bike, a jumping car… You can think about it more.
  • Third option is the most interesting and simple one. You can rent “Ktrak” bikes in your region. It may be a great service with great demand.

I just thought that this topic is very unusual and is worth of attention. Some people who are going skiing would love to try something new, and this is something very new and interesting. I wish you luck, and remember. Everything is in your hands!

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