How to earn with Istockphoto?

Quite recently the well-known service which is sales photos and images has opened a new field of activity which can become the main source of the income for many designers who are in creating logos. They have created a very interesting service and I am going to tell you about it. Now the range of goods on also includes logos for companies. These logos are created and uploaded by designers who have created them for customers, but have not sold them to them for some reasons that I don’t know. That is, the logos developed specially for certain companies are on sale. Over time thousands of similar logos will be collected on the website. The prices for a logo will be higher, they will make from 400-600 credits for one logo (One credit is 12,50€, for more info check

So what is your scheme?

The customer chooses a logo and asks the author to make changes to the name, then sells the edited logo. Earnings of the designer (the author of a logo) can make 50 % from logo sales for a half a year. Many may not understand what means «for a half a year». I will explain. Once photos and pictures are on, they can be on sale for an infinite time. The same goes with logos. Having created one design, you can sell it as many times as you want. Generally, istockphoto is an ideal place for those of you who simply likes to create something new and to receive compensation for it.

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