Sun tanning business is your way to become rich!

Today I will tell about one simple and profitable type of business. It will be about providing «Instant suntan» service. Service of instant suntan is one of the most popular types of businesses around the world. Don’t think that this business won’t be successful because you are not using this service, you cannot imagine how many people will visit your “office”. Everyone likes to sunbath, but, at the same time, many understand danger of direct sunshine. Therefore many people try to use various methods to get “chocolate” skin color as fast as possible.

The majority of those, who are wish to sunbathe, run in shops in search of creams which do not give the necessary effect, and often, harm their skin. What to do to those who want to gain equal and safe suntan which is needed for a short period? There is a way, using services of instant suntan. And our task is to provide the client what he wants. In many cities there no such services and what does it mean? Right! You are the one who will take over this niche!

Technology of instant suntan every year (or even every day!) becomes more and more demanded. This technology allows receiving equal and beautiful suntan in five minutes, without any unpleasant smells, stickiness of skin and ugly spots on your body. In five minutes the client gains effect which can be reached only after 15-16 visits of a sun bed! Basically, this equipment is used about 5 years, but not in all cities. Today it is an excellent option for your own profitable business.

For providing service of instant suntan, you need:

  • A room in which your office will settle down;
    • Auto suntan installation;
    • A lotion for auto suntan;
    • The service personnel (you can be the personnel).

Let’s calculate how much this idea will cost. The room can be rented for 500 – 1000 dollars a month, depends on area and city. Installation of instant suntan costs – about 2000 dollars. Installation allows carrying out 20 sessions in a day. The lotion costs – 70 dollars per liter (lotions differ with shades so, it is better to get different ones at once). Total  expenses are around 3000 dollars.

Now let us talk about the pleasant part, profit. About 30 ml of lotion is spent on one session. Total of 2.5 dollars of expense on one session. Here I will add a payment for the electricity, etc. I will take 1 dollar for these expenses. Total expense on one session – 3.5 dollars. Cost of one session is not less than 30 dollars. The net profit of 26.5 dollars from one session. Even if you will have 3-4 clients per day, that is not really possible (usually, there will be more), the profit of 80-105 dollars a day is yours. In a month it can be around 2400 – 3180 dollars. Let’s take away expenses on the tenancy and we will get 1400-2200 dollars per month of net profit! In my opinion, it is very perspective and profitable.

In the first months a certain sum of profit will go on advertising of your services, but, nevertheless, after some time it will become a very profitable business.

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