Zorbing – how it can be useful for your wallet?

If you live in the resort area, or simply near you there is a resort where vacationers are located, you have a chance to create this type of business in the area. I will tell you about «Aquazorb balls» attraction. Usually, when you see this attraction, everyone is already waiting in an enormous queue. I think you can understand how many clients are waiting when you will open such business.

«Aquazorbs» — is very peculiar and original attraction that makes everyone feel like basilisks (these are such lizards that are able to run over the water). The design is very simple. «Aquazorbs» — is a sphere which is made of very strong and qualitative polymer. This polymer is harmless to the person. The sphere has a “Hole” through which the person gets inside. The attraction is that the person gets in to the sphere, and further he has to move, run, thereby, moving on water. It is not only very ridiculous, amusing and cheerful, but also allows training coordination and physical force. Diameter of the sphere is more than 1.8 meters which allows tall persons to use it. Besides, «Aquazorb» can be packed and easily fits in a big bag (the sizes of 40х55х65 cm). In a luggage carrier of the car you can put few «Aquazorbs».

For realization of this business you need:

  • Reservoir;
    • Few “Aquazorbs”;
    • The pump for sphere inflation.

Sphere cost – about 600 dollars. As to profit, 10 minutes on such attraction costs from 5 dollars depending on the region where this business is carried out. That is, under ideal conditions, in a day it is possible to earn about hundred and more.

In my opinion, this business is shortcoming because it is worth to do only during warm season. In the winter you can hardly collect crowds of clients, though anything can happen…

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