How to make money by renting cars?

If you live in the big industrial city or in the resort, the offered type of business will suit you nicely. It will be about renting cars for population of your city. Why is it necessary to be in big a city or resort? Because, hardly such business will be successful in a small town, in which getting from one edge of city to another without car takes 30 min.

Well, of course if one client per month is good for you, then open such business in small city. But, I think, such thrill-seekers (who don’t know where to put their money in) are not between those, who are reading this blog. Big cities are like magnets, for those who are looking for better life and a job of their dreams, as result they are going to use your services to make their dreams come true. The same situations with resort areas, where crowds of tourists are looking for a car to travel around, see all landmarks and etc. Now, I think, everything became clear.

Now about the plan and what you need:

  • A lot or asphalted land, with a small structure located in its territory where office will take place;
    • The personnel of three people – the manager and two security guards (or one if you can find person who will work 24/7,but I haven’t seen people like this in my whole life);
    • Cars. For starters, second-hand cars in a good condition will be good. You can get them at the masters, engaged car repairs. The prices as a rule are, lower than at the market. For starters, 10-12 cars will be enough;
    • To insure cars, so they pass checkup;
    • To be reserved by forms by the power of attorney;
    • It would be quite good to get a good acquaintances in law enforcement agencies;
    • To equip cars with GPS sensors to track their site.

As you can see, business demands considerable investments, but also the income in this case will not be small.

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