Hotel reviews or a gold mine?

In the United States already exists the reviewable Internet resource on which everyone can look at the rating of every hotel in United States. The resource is very convenient. There is detailed information for about 55 000 hotels! There is even a colorful scale to show which hotels are the best. The ratings of hotels are created using information taken from 35 000 000 reviews of these hotels on the Internet. Before publishing a hotel rating, owners of the reviewable resource check information about each of them. At first they learn information from owners and managing directors of hotels, further study are responses online, reading comments, and only on the basis of all this they make an independent conclusion. That the assessment would be objective, the greatest attention is given to responses from the most popular resources, and as well responses of the most eminent authors. These authors are main part in the assessment. How estimation looks like. The end result is defined on the basis of indicators of the following factors:

  • Assessment of hotel rooms; • Service assessment; • Size of hotel; •Age; •Prices; • And so on.

The most interesting is that authors of the resource do not place any advertising on the website. There is a question, where they get their income from? It appears that everything is very simple. Through this site the client not only can look at a hotel rating, but also reserve a room there. And the site receives a percent from each client. And now imagine, what profit from 55 000 booking acts? Huge, isn’t that so? And now tell me why not to organize a similar resource with a rating of hotels in your country or region? I consider that the idea is very perspective. After all, to tell the truth about hotels in each country is not so simple. I think, there will be a considerable number of those who wants to learn in advance everything about that hotel, where they are planning to spend some time. After all, situation when you order one thing and gathering absolutely another is not a surprise for anyone, it is sad, but it happens. Properly think about this idea. It can become a gold mine for someone.

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