Cooking blog of Amanda Hesser

The interesting idea had appeared in head of Amanda Hesser ( the beginning it seems that she has created a usual culinary site, but actually everything is not so simple. She has thought up ideal business which does not demand almost any investments. Its business will be built by visitors of a site. She made the hardest thing – she managed to force people work for her for free, while they are happy with this situation. Generally, I will not say too much and at once I will pass to the description of idea from Amanda.

She has thought up the following. She created a usual culinary site. But, the most interesting is that the site is filled by users. And they do it free of charge. Amanda receives a unique content, advances a site, without spending money for that. How she persuades users to send recipes for «nothing»? The concept is simple. She is going to create the recipe-book which structure will include the best user recipes.

How it works: users within a week send the recipes to the website, further Amanda with the co-author of the project Merill Stabz chooses two best recipes in each category, test them and send a ten-day vote. The best recipe together with the biography of the author will be placed in the book of recipes of “food52 cookbook” which will be released by Harper Studio publishing house. Many users dream about getting in to the book and consequently send packs of recipes. And what is necessary for a good site? Certainly, continuous updating and qualitative content. Plus to everything, Amanda will get quite good profit on sales of the book with recipes. Authors will receive only certain popularity.

To involve authors of recipes even more, there is a chance to participate in development and designing the book.

Well, what do you think about this story? Here is a good idea; it is possible to create business without investments, or nearly without investments.

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