Disco School will make children happy!

Let’s talk about one original idea of business which requires minimum expenses, and is capable to bring quite good income. Idea consists of creating school of disco for 10 – 15 old kids. This age is not casual and the main reason why is because usually children do not start from “adult” clubs and bars. But, they already would like to dance and have fun as adults do, so why should we deprive them from this opportunity. You can be the one who will give kids an opportunity to be “like” adults. One interesting moment is that all needed equipment on these “parties” should be same, as in clubs. Dynamic lights, a qualitative sound, video projections etc. – all this must be provided by you, as you are the organizer.

Besides, it would be a nice idea to find some live music, young bands which will agree to perform for nothing. It is not so hard to find such gigs as there are a lot of those who want to perform, but don’t have a place to do that. Attendances at such events are unexpectedly big. At high school it is possible to sell from 200 – 300 tickets during one event.

Further, it is necessary to conclude contracts with schools on carrying out similar actions. It is possible to pay the school around 30% from your net profit.

Let’s count approximately. Ticket cost can be 5 dollars. Let’s take attendance of 200 people from one school. You have contracts with 15 schools, 1 performance per month at each school. In total we receive 1000 dollars a day. Expenses are about 20%, which is 800 net profit, and finally 800 x 15 = 12 000$ of net profit every month! In my opinion, it is very nice profit, plus you can “party” yourself. Why not having some fun too? Business can be fun? Am I Right?

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