Air fresheners for luxurious cars?

After reviewing one of themed blogs an interesting idea came to my mind. Idea is about aromatization in cars. It is necessary to tell that the offered idea is really worth to think about. To all, who is interested in this idea, I suggest creating a new production technology of aromatization for salons of cars. Remember, what is now used in salons of our cars? Fir-trees, aromatic loose leaves, jar with a smell ….

But after all, everything that we have now is so old-fashioned and cannot suit some needs. Agree, the fir-tree for 1-3 dollars in your Rolls-Royce or Bentley will look, to say it mildly, not so cool and will fairly spoil a look of an expensive salon. What we need for such situation is something brand new, modern and elegant.

Author of the topic, which was inspiration for me, had an idea what we can do about it. He suggests creating a flavored salon filters. At the moment no one creates such things. So it is a perfect time to think about this idea. After all, everything is very simple. It is necessary to think up a technology of aromatization of standard salon filters and to put it into practice. So do not waste your time and develop this idea, if you like it of course!

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