Twitter as source of income

Today I teach you how to create your own Twitter club. Today, probably, all users of the internet know what Twitter is and why we need it. Simply speaking, this is a very convenient and modern way of communication. Twitter is a network of micro blogs, which each post (Tweet) can include (if I am not mistaken) 140 symbols. The idea is that user posts anything he wants. It is the same as diary, as well as the usual blog, only records in it are very short. Advantages of the Twitter were estimated for a long time by bloggers who use this network for promotion of the projects. Well, I think, it is not necessary to talk about service. Let’s pass directly to the idea. At once I will tell, I do not know, is it efficient or not, I only offer.

I suggest creating thematic a Twitter clubs. For example, the community of twitter users, who are interested in business and everything what is connected with it. Such highly specialized clubs will be very popular, as it seems to me. So where is the profit? Entering such clubs can have a sufficient fee.

There are a lot of options. It is possible to make a monthly fee, or a one-time payment. Everything depends on your desire and the imagination.

Advantage of this idea is that clients who entered the club will be read by really interested people. Now the number of readers of this or that micro blog is very high. On twitter people who are following others are looking not at the quality of the “Tweets” but on quantity, which is sad. Just a small thought.

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