How to make money with fortune telling

Today I will add some mystery. We will talk about fortune-telling, and how to create a quite good business out of it. Business on electronic fortune-telling. The desire of the person to learn his destiny and future does not know limits. And though the majority understands that fortune-telling is only deception and coincidence, all of us equally continue to use fortunetellers. It should be noted that cost of this fortune-telling the very considerable. But, nevertheless, people find means and go to learn the destiny. Should we use this situation? Run to open service of electronic fortune-telling!

I will begin with everything that is needed for this business:

  • An office – a usual room not bigger than 4 square meters. Let’s lease it;
    • Computer;
    • Printer;
    • Programs for guessing – can be found in a network, or to order to programmers. I often see various programs online that define biorhythms and even predicting future. They either are free, or can be bought almost for nothing.

That’s all. As you can see the expenses are rather small.

Working with the client will be carried out on the following scenario : meet the client – we get in a room (it is desirable to decorate respectively) – offer to sit –tell his destiny, what awaits him in future with help of program – print the end result – take money –say goodbye to the client.

I have described it very simply, actually everything is a little more difficult, but no one said that it will be easy to earn money on such mystery. Generally, develop this idea and grow rich!

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