Everyone wants encrypted USBs (IronKey)

Today I will tell about one interesting invention which is simply obliged to have a big mount of clients, bringing to the founder excellent profits. Idea is spinning around memory stick, a usual USB memory stick. To be honest, not usual. Absolutely not usual, it is a special one. Now — in time of high technologies — it is very hard to find person, who is not saving all valuable and needed data somewhere else, except his computer. Someone holds information on a hard disk of the computer, someone on CD/DVD disks, and someone prefers more modern and convenient device, such as the USB storage or a memory stick (there are two names). This device is convenient, and allows storing a lot of valuable information.

But, what will be, if you lose (or even worse – it will be stolen) a memory stick, on which you had important information? You need to agree that it is usual to lose your USB by any means, I am not saying that it is happening to everyone, but still happens, and happens quite often. How to protect data? There is a way! The “Iron key” USB storage (an iron key) is released. This USB is created on the basis of military technologies. Now your data will be under reliable protection.

In case of unauthorized access, “Iron key” will suggest entering the password, and after ten unsuccessful attempts, it will simply destroy all data that is stored on a flash card! But there is more to come. The flash card is filled with special structure from epoxy resin that not only protects it from moisture, but also does not allow malefactors to reach its inner parts!

I think that such useful gadget will use amazing demand in case its cost is within permissible limits.

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