Clips for boots – make money from nothing

Необычный аксессуар для обувиDespite the clumsy name of the idea for this business, it as well has the right for existence. I have found a material on one of internet resources, and could not pass by. Now I will try to describe it, so it would be clearer for you. So, it will be an invention which I called (I do not know the real name) clips to make it more comfortable to put on boots. More clearly this device is shown in drawing to the publication.

This device represents a tape (a material – elastic) which has forks on the ends. On the end of each of bifurcation there is a special clip (as a clothespin). Using this invention it is very simple. Cover this tape across a foot and the ends we clip on the edge of the trousers. Now, during putting on process, trousers will not be turned off and stir, delivering many negative emotions. The device is convenient subjects that after removal of boots, it can be easily unhooked, without breaking your beautiful appearance.

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