Become rich just using water ?

I will tell today about one perspective inventor from Montreal. His name – Manuel Desrochers, he is 34 years old , and already became the founder of one of the most interesting inventions. This person was always anxious with a water problem. He was surprised that people so carelessly treat the main treasure of our planet without which nothing could exist on Earth! The inventor was struck that people so underestimate water. People quietly take water, use it, buy it in bottles which simply throw out further. For the majority – water is normal routine thing and they do not understand what treasure it is.

This feeling — feeling of an underestimating of water in society — has induced it to creation of the special device. The device represents system of a water filtration for the house and office. It is system it is so functional, as far as it is safe for environment. Besides, has very aesthetic appearance (in case you do not believe just take a look on photo, there are a lot of them in internet). The device is called as Ovopur and such beauty costs 690 dollars.

In a design the handwork porcelain, the special glass passing water from under the crane through the glass filter of repeated use is used. The same filter keeps constant cool temperature of drinking water. Thus no electricity is used. The filter consists of 4 layers of special materials which very well filter water. The pool in which cool water is stored, can hold up to 11 liters, so there will be no need to add water frequently.

Here we can see example of invention, that will make his creator millionaire.

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