“Worms for sale!”

Have you ever heard something about worm business or business on cultivation of worms? Now this idea grows and becomes more and more popular in our country. The Californian red worms use the greatest demand. Before, these worms were used for production of fertilizer like bio humus which was the main product that was bringing good income for businessmen. But today the situation has changed. Many farmers and gardeners do not wish to get more fertilizer, and want to get worms. Therefore demand for bio humus remains high, especially in the large cities it becomes serious business.

Worms sell by piece. Cost can vary from 10¢ to several dollars for one worm. In some regions it is cheaper; in big cities it is more expensive. The lowest prices are in regions where farms are already cultivating Californian worms. The highest in the cities where nobody heard about worm cultivation.

Remember one thing. Being engaged in cultivation of worms, you not only can sell the live goods and the fertilizer created by the worms, but also to increase productivity of an own personal plot. The matter is that the bio humus which is a product of activity of the Californian worms is considered one of the best fertilizers for cultivation of many agricultural cultures. On the fertilized soil, things like vegetables, berries, flowers grow perfectly.

How to organize business on cultivation of Californian worms?

Expenses on opening such business require minimum expenses. You need worms and  “provide” them a habitat. They can live in big containers, boxes, banks, etc. Californian worms eat waste, and in 24 hours the worm processes as much material, as his own weight.

The Californian worms breed very quickly, easily transfer frosts (that is especially important for some parts of the country). It is also possible to transfer worms on wintering to the warmed rooms. In cold regions it is a need. Otherwise it is possible to lose a large number of “pets” and the potential income.

Worm Sales channels

You will always find clients who are willing to buy your products, especially, if you are not going to sell them as a wholesale, but also at retail. Because the retail market of the Californian worms in US is poorly developed and not each businessman will agree to sell the goods by piece. It is possible to trade in big specialized shops and in small booths. Everything depends on turnover of your business on cultivation of the Californian worms and their subsequent realization.

It should be noted that not only farmers and gardeners become your regular customers. If you live in the region where there are a lot of reservoirs, prepare for queues of local fishers. Yes, the Californian worm is also very good bait for catching most different types of fishes. Modern fishers are busy people. They would not like to lose superfluous hour of their time for preparation of baits. Therefore, they prefer buying everything in shops. At this point you can offer them one of the most widespread and universal baits.

You can sell worms and bio humus through the acquaintances, by announcing in the local newspaper or through own Internet shop. An alternative is to make a website or a community on social network. Your main task is to offer qualitative goods at the most favorable price (lower than your competitors). That’s it. I wish you luck!

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