Make money gambling!

I cannot say that it is a business idea, but it is a way to make money. Here I will share with you some information that will help you, and this is based on my research and my friends.  So as you already know, the topic is online casinos. As you know, I am Russian, so I will talk about the casino situation in Russia. So in Russia gambling is forbidden from 1/1/2007. The exception was made by special gambling zones. Online casinos are also forbidden in our country, but as practice shows, the majority of these casinos are registered outside of our country. Offering gambling services annually bring million dollars of revenue, but today I will not talk about how to open an online casino. I am sure that I will discuss this topic in the following articles. Today it will be a simple instruction of “How to make money in online casinos”. Owners of these online gambling resources earn millions of dollars on simple hazardous people, why not to try to earn some cash for food or beer.

The purpose of any online casino is to attract the “victim” (that is, the player), and then to beat him, and how can a casino attract a person? Naturally, allowing the player to win in the beginning! The scheme is very cunning, if the victim has won (or has again recharged his account), the algorithm of the casino changes, and the player loses in further games. That is, if you have put 50 dollars on your account, the system will allow you to win somewhere around 30 dollars, but after you will win these 30 dollars, the algorithm will be replaced, and you will lose.

Certainly, everything not always goes how it is described above, but in general sense, almost every online gambling resource is working on this principle. Certainly, in some casinos you can win several times in a row. In others you will lose all at once, but more often in the beginning the “code” will allow to raise some money. After all, with capital growth the player becomes more hazardous, and as a result loses everything till the last penny. Therefore, let us stick to the theory of earnings that we have discussed earlier.

You have already understood what you have to do to win some money. You have to withdraw the cash as soon as you won some dollars on top of your deposit. If you put 50$, and won 80$, take the money and leave the casino. You may say that this way you will not earn a lot. You are completely right. Nobody argues, but what stops you from going back to the table and win another 30$? The most important here is not to give in to passion, and to leave the casino after each win.

VERY IMPORTANT! Do not forget to delete «cookies» from the browser, or go visit a different online casino during one session (you can make a list of casinos that you have to visit during your session).

As we have already noted above, the similar scheme has been found by us on Internets open spaces. Sadly, we cannot precisely tell that this method works, because we are not gamblers (I don’t recommend you to be one), but some person may have more knowledge it this niche, and maybe this will help him. Frankly speaking, I think that it is not so simple. If everything was so simple, everyone would be millionaires in a week. Only then it is possible to call this scheme a real business idea. Reality may disappoint sometimes, but HEY! If you are not going to try, you will never know, right? Especially, when the risk is only 20$-30$, and when the experiment has a big chance of becoming a goldmine. Who does not risk, does not drink champagne. Am I correct?

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