Flocking – great business idea!

Today I will tell you about one very interesting business, flocking various surfaces. For starters some words about this process. Flocking is a unique technology of creation of a pleasant velvety covering on the most different surfaces. After processing, the surface becomes similar to real velvet. Big plus of this business idea is that this technology is widespread. In some provinces this business is not completely developed, but I am sure that you saw “velvet” surfaces that were created by this technology. Try remembering the “velvet” bottle of champagne. In spite of the fact that the technology is not so widespread, the demand is rather big. It turns out that it is simply ideal option for small business.

Advantages of Flocked surfaces

The Flocked surface keeps its “new” look for a long time, thanks to its quality. It looks perfectly, and it is pleasant to touch, and also can have a set of colors. You can find a lot of flocked things in an everyday life.

Now it is difficult to imagine sphere of activity where it would be impossible to use flock. Some examples are: wedding celebrations, dressing of interiors, souvenir manufacturing, women bag tailoring or production of footwear. It is possible to use this technology even more broad to be better than competitors and to bypass them.

I will provide some examples of where you can use this technology:

  • Flocking phone panels. An excellent way to once again emphasize the aesthetics and solidity of the mobile phone. Besides, it is much more pleasant to hold such a phone in a hand.
  • Flocking champagne bottles, wine and so on. Any bottles will be good. After covering they look very presentable and very luxury. You probably saw drinks in such bottles on sale. Service can be demanded on weddings and office parties.
  • Creation of flocked automobile panels. It is often applied by fans that are willing to give a non-standard look to the iron horses.
  • Flocking of various souvenirs, figurines etc. Great for any gift shop.
  • Flocking furniture, cases of household appliances etc., etc.

As you can see, the flocking process can be used anywhere you like. Your fantasy is the limit.

Business organization

To organize such business, first of all, you need a flocking machine (the device for creation of velvet surfaces) and a room with heating with humidity about 70 %. Logically, necessary material is required – flock, which will cover surfaces.

A little bit about expenses, the flocking machine will cost you approximately 6000$ or you can buy a portable one for 50$, and 1 kg of a flock costs about 30$. One kilogram is enough to cover 5 sqare meters of surface. It turns out that expenses on opening of this business are: a flock machine (may be a portable one) 50$, 10 kg of a flock 300$ and rent approximately 600$ a month, depending on the region and the size of the room. That is about 1000$ required to realize this business idea.

Prices of flocking services depend on the region and the personal purposes of the businessman. In most cases, flocking business is a very perspective type of business with a minimum investments and low competition. The idea has a lot of perspectives in regions where you will be first, and will have the ability to monopolize the market.

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