Cultivation of Oyster mushrooms

You may have heard about this idea, but we have decided not to avoid it, as cultivation of mushrooms oyster mushrooms is a very profitable business. Advantages of this business are huge. Firstly, there is no need in serious investments. Usually this is the number one factor that stops people from opening a business. This is a real house business.

Secondly, food will always be demanded, and even crisis is not going to stop people from eating. Now I will explain how you can have your own production of oyster mushrooms, and always use consumer demand. It is an excellent business, both for the big megalopolises, and for the small provincial towns.

Thirdly, the country authorities positively treat the businessmen, who are engaged in agriculture, and they try to motivate them in any way to improve the quality and their hard work. Cultivation of mushrooms is a very interesting occupation which can bring a stable solid income. Besides, the expenses on cultivating of this type of mushrooms are lower, than cultivation of field mushrooms. It is possible to hold this type of business alone, or work with a partner, if volume of production is more than half a ton of mushrooms in a month. To cultivate mushrooms you can use any room, a cellar, garage and even your own flat.

Cultivation process

The way of cultivating the mushrooms is very simple and will not demand a lot of time and effort.
You need:

  1. Plastic bags (preferably bigger ones),
  2. Fill them with a mix of peeled sunflower seeds, sawdust (all this can be found around in your house and it is free, or at wood-working factories), straws (free of charge too)
  3. Oyster mushroom seeds (half-dollar on a bag).

These bags can be put either on the floor, or on special shelves. Further it is necessary to wait 3 days, and then make 6-7 holes in the bag. They are necessary in order to let the mushrooms grow through them.

The place where you have decided to make a mushroom farm should be dark, and the constant temperature should be kept within 20 degrees on Celsius.

In three weeks through the holes that were made in the bags, the first mushrooms will start to appear. As soon as it has occurred, bags have to be transferred to a bright room with temperature about 15 degrees on Celsius. It is mandatory that this room should have a small fan (10$ – 15$), and it should work constantly. It is necessary to take care of the air’s humidity. To maintain a necessary level, it is possible to use a simple spray bottle with water (costs 5$).

In a week, the mushrooms will grow until the necessary size. They can be cut off, and the bags have to get back to “darkness”. In a week, you can get your crop again. Normally,3 kilograms of mushrooms can be gathered from one bag every week. Further, it is necessary to get the mushrooms to shops, restaurants and dining rooms. Especially great demand for mushrooms is during winter time. Keep that in mind.

Let’s count the approximate income

  • One bag of sawdust, straws etc. is around 1$ if not for free
  • A bag, with dimensions of 50х30,
  • Seeds (“sprouts”), total 1$ s on one bag.
  • Bag of seeds is around 5$ in a store

From each bag we receive about 3 kilograms of mushrooms. In some stores they are sold for 2$ for 125 grams).  You can sell them for 5$ – 10$ per kilogram. Total is 15$ – 30$. Let’s take away electricity expenses and heating, and then we will receive not less than 10$ – 25$ of net profit from one bag. You can have 50-100-200 bags. Everything is in your hands.

Let’s count the monthly income. Besides the money, you will always have fresh mushrooms on your table, and this is already a big plus of being involved in this business, don’t you think so? Cultivation of mushrooms an oyster mushroom is a favorable and tasty business, from any perspective.

A very good video as an example.

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