Online Business VS Offline Business

Where it is better to develop your business, on the Internet or in so-called offline (that is, out of a network)? I have decided to begin my blog from this important topic. I think that among you guys, there is a person who is also excited about this question. So, let’s try answering this question, which business is better, online or offline? Let’s not impose the opinion to all, but I think that best of all is to have business both online and offline. Here are some arguments to protection my point of view.

On one hand it seems that starting an online business is very easy. You don‘t need to run to state institutions, to fill numerous papers, to wait for confirmations, to pay taxes. The fun fact is, all this can be present in online business, but it is unessential. At the beginning, many businessmen who are starting their business on the Internet are not registered anywhere. The next moment concerns competitors. On the internet you always (or nearly always) have competitors, but they do not know you personally. Moreover, you can stay completely anonymous. It makes it not important how much money you earn, the competitors can only sit and envy. Not only competitors, also numerous envious people. It turns out, in respect of safety – online business wins against traditional offline business.

One more argument in favor of making money online is that you can have internet access from every spot on the globe. You can work almost with all continents and countries. You can work with Africa, Asia and America while sitting on the South Pole. In offline business, territory and borders have huge value. In online business there are no such things as borders, they simply do not exist!

Costs of online business can be absolutely insignificant – on average it can be a 1000$. Investments like that are important, and will pay off very quickly. Nowadays, there are ways of earning money online for free. It is enough to have internet access, huge desire and patience. Then you will be successful.

Not everything is so smooth in online business and not everything is so bad in offline business. Yes, it is possible not to pay taxes in online business, but if you are worried about your future pension, it is better to be registered as the individual entrepreneur and start paying all necessary taxes. If everything was so simple,  everyone would have an online business. Gladly it doesn’t happen, but the number of online businesses is constantly increasing.

For example, to find clients, offline business can win against the younger rival. To find clients in an offline business in certain cases it is simpler (not always). They will come for your goods to the next shop. In online it is necessary to think outside the box, to spend money for advertising, to attracks visitors to your website.

To earn really big money in online business, it is necessary to have a lot of knowledge in most different areas. Crowds of people are trying to earn online, but are hardly earning really large sums.

Probably, for this reason, the best way is to have online business (or earnings), and offline. Nowadays many offline businessmen aspire on the Internet, and online businessmen hold various conferences and paid seminars in an offline. It is possible to see that more and more businesses are going online. Very soon, all businessmen will not survive without the virtual environment. After what Bill Gates has told:

«Who is not present on the Internet, is not present in business»

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