How to start a fishing business?

If you impatiently waiting for good weather to go to the nearest river with a fishing rod to spend half a day to catch a small trophy fish, then today I will give you a business idea that will suit you well. Why not earn money with your favorite hobby? You ask, how? It is very simple. Become a paid instructor for beginning fishers (as a rule, your potential clients are people who had never held a fishing rod), who are ready for everything, and are willing to be taught to learn how to catch fish.

What do you need?

You have to have all necessary equipment for fishing like spinnings, a scaffold, coils, hooks, floats and so on. You will rent all these accessories, and thereby will receive additional income. You can also open and a small point where you can sale fishing tackles, this also becomes an additional source of income.

Don’t forget that, you should really know where are “fish” places to prove that you are a professional, and not an ordinary fan. Who will go to a master, who cannot catch a trophy carp or a perch? You have to show that you are a really cool fisher. For better effect, buy a compass, a map, binoculars, even if you know the place perfectly. These small tricks will be the accessories that will indicate your professionalism.

After all necessary equipment is going to be in your pocket, you can start offering the services. Fishing is especially popular for visitors from large cities. They are the target market on whom it is necessary to aim the business and training. In order to get more clients, I advise you to use mass media (at least at local level) and to start an advertising campaign.

Place the announcement in the local newspaper, make an advertising banner and put it in local places where there are a lot of vacationers, create an advertising Internet page. Do not feel sorry for money which you spend on advertising, because after a while people will reach you and it will pay off. The main thing is to believe in success of operation.

It is possible to stop your business development at this stage and to rejoice to your stable and good earnings (in a serious approach to business, certainly), but it is possible to develop business further on.

What can you develop? How to develop? The best option is to get your own reservoir with fish. If you still don’t have enough funds for pond purchase, it is possible to rent it. After you will have (or rented) a reservoir, it is necessary to grow the fishes inside your pool. Before that, it is necessary to clean it from algae, silt, etc. That is made to give a trading dress for your business. Getting fish for the pond can be done in the special establishments which are engaged in cultivation, sale and transportation of representatives of fresh-water fauna.

There are only positive moments from using your own pond in your business. Your clients will pay, not only for equipment and support, but also for a fishing place. It is possible to go way beyond and organize a place of relaxation, but this is a separate idea of business to which I will return in future publications.

How much can you earn by teaching fishing skills?

First of all, it depends on the prices exposed by you. The prices depend on your fishing skills. You can take hourly payment, for example, 50$ from the person for an hour, or you can take payments from the group, for example 250$ an hour for training a group of people for an hour. You can offer services for a   day for 1000$-3000$. There is a lot of way you can work it out, many variations are available. These are approximate figures, because everything depends on the region, your fishing experience, and the year season. To draw attention of clients you can organize discounts for collective demands.

If you are also the owner of a reservoir, some thousand dollars a day falling into your pocket is not bad. You have to consider, if it is favorable or not.

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