How to start a culinary blog?

Many people like to eat well. I think probably everyone. Many of them like to cook and collect various recipes from books, magazines, Internet, adopt experience of mothers and grandmothers. As a result, many women (and not only) gather thousands of recipes, from simple ones to most exotic dishes. Why not using all that knowledge and materials that were collected to create your own Internet business? So let’s start.

Firstly, it is necessary to create the Internet page (site/blog) where you will place the recipes. One recommendation, do a highly specialized site. If you create a site about all recipes, then you will hardly get up the rankings in search engines among million rival sites. Today’s situation is very difficult, because there are many websites that are already established and became very strong, so it is very difficult to rank yourself fast. To catch up and overtake similar markets fast is almost impossible. If you not dollar millionaire of course.

Don’t be upset! There is a way! Choose a narrow niche and start your journey. For example, create a website about cakes or soups, salads or borsches, a shish kebab or fish dishes. Such highly specialized resource is easier to rank on the first page of search engines (Yandex, Google, Rambler, Bing) by various culinary searches.

Further it is necessary to promote your website and make everyone to see you. While your site becomes more popular, the more visitors it will bring, the traffic will rise, and your potential earnings are going to be higher. If you don’t have enough knowledge in the field of SEO, I advise to find specialized agencies offering services of promotion on Internet. It demands additional financial investments, but considerably accelerates growth of your business.

Let’s say the website is created, it has the target audience and a large number of visitors from search engines. Now it is necessary for you to create an E-book with recipes which will be based on your knowledge and experience. To create an E-Book you can write it directly in Word, and after that convert it in a PDF format. This format uses popularity between readers of electronic books.

You will offer this book to all website visitors. If the site is well designed and promoted, has a large number of visitors, it is possible to make it a very profitable business. Similar electronic books cost around 5$ – 30$. If you can constantly sell 2-4 books daily, then I can say that it will be a great revenue stream.

What is necessary to start?

For opening on book sale business you need:

  1. High ranked culinary website with a large number of visitors;
  2. A big collection of recipes which will be used for creation of the electronic encyclopedia;
  3. To involve visitors. Tell them how good your book is, that in the book they will find a lot of unique recipes which are not known by anybody in the world except you. Tell about some recipes from the book that demand minimum of products and allow creating a real masterpiece, etc.
  4. Try to involve advertisers on your website.
  5. As soon as your business will start to grow, create one more similar project, and repeat. The more projects there are, more sales and of course, more money. That’s all. As you can see, it is not rocket science, practice and patience my friend. Take it serious and create a really profitable business.

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