How to open a yacht club?

This type of business is elite and for its realization it is necessary to spend a big sum of money, but also profitability of “Yacht” business will always remain high. By opening a yacht-club, you will communicate with most influential people as they will use your services. What do you have to do to open a yacht-club?

Majority of clients of yacht-clubs are successful businessmen, politicians, actors, athletes (Check out Ney York Yacht Club). To make your yacht-club bring you profit quickly, it is necessary to think about the place where you will place your club. If the place is pretty, has great view, has good design, then more clients it will attract, the more profit you will get. It is not a secret what today it is very difficult to find such a place, almost impossible. All good places were bought long time ago. To solve this problem it is possible to buy a place like this (very expensive), or to rent it (not easy, but better than buying).

Choosing a place to open a yacht-club

All Yacht clubs are classified, depending on their arrangement:
1. Stationary yacht-clubs – such clubs are placed where the client will be present. For example, near houses of ship owners.
2. Guest moorings – such parking spots are constructed near restaurants, cafe, clubs, hotels and other vacation spots.
3. Guest harbors – are constructed where there is a need of rest for fisherman, tourists etc.

Before choosing a place, think about what kind of Yacht club it is going to be and after planning everything you need.

Further it is necessary to plan all the placements of all necessary objects on the yacht-club territory. First of all, you have to place the mooring. The most inexpensive and with least problems you can install a floating mooring. Such design does not break ecology and by that removes a large number of problems of Sanitary and Epidemiological Inspectorate.

Companies that are making and selling pontoon moorings are also engaged in installation that cuts down expenses and saves time. If your clients are owners of big yachts which are 30-40 and more meters, the pontoon mooring will not work. In this case it is necessary to design a construction with metal piles which are capable to hold a big vessel.


How much you have to invest to open a yacht club?

Everything depends on your club. Let’s divide all yacht-clubs into four types mentally: 1, 2, 3 and 4th star.

For a yacht-club with «one star», it will cost you around 80 000 dollars and more. In such yacht-club it is possible to place 12-15 small yachts and boats which weight does not exceed 4 tons. The office of such club settles down on the water, near the parking. The main income from this kind of yacht-club is renting sports for parking.

«Two-star» yacht-club will cost to the owner around 250 000 dollars. In such a club, 20 midsize yachts will fit. There has to be a bar for clients, and also, a shower and a toilet. Main income is from renting, and also profit from the bar.

«Three star» yacht-club is very serious business. For clients there has to be a the bar, hotel, restaurant, shower booths, repair shop for yachts, and even, shop that sells boats and spare parts. Besides, owners of yachts and boats should have a possibility to fill their transport with fuel, fill up stocks of drinking water etc. Cost for constructing such a club begins from  450 000 dollars.

The most elite “four-star” yacht-club will cost you not less than 1 500 000 dollars! Such club offers clients full range of services, from yacht parking to numbers in magnificent hotels, luxury restaurants and night clubs.

Now you know about yacht-club opening, as a type of business. It is a very perspective business which usually pays off within the first five years. If you have the necessary sum and aimed at long-term prospect, why not testing your skills in Yacht Club business?

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