How to earn money by writing articles? – Textbroker

Who never dreamed about receiving good money, without leaving the house? I don’t have to see into the future to tell, that there is a majority of people who dreamed about it. I am here to tell you and to help you reaching your goals. All this becomes available, thanks to development of computer technologies. To start earning decent money, all you need is a computer and Internet access. Not much, right? Further it is necessary to be registered at, Remember how you wrote school assignments? On the website you can pick an interesting subject and to start writing and sell the articles. You can find more information on the website which is pretty awesome.

It is not as difficult as you think

You think that you are not able to write article? Did you even try? No? Then it is the right time to try a profession of 21 century, which has enriched and continues to enrich hundreds of people around the world. If you need support before you begin, if you need training, I advise to you to pay attention to online trainings which are very cool and easy to follow. Videos about copywriting which you will easily find on the Internet are very useful and will be the beginning of your carrier.

You will find paid and free courses for beginning authors. Begin with the free ones, but if it not going to be enough for you, then you can buy online courses which include more information for advances writers. You can courses about “How to write Articles” on which are very useful. Don’t tell me that spending a few hours a day to start earning money is a waste of time. You can start today. I recommend starting right now.

Remember that nothing is for free. To get really good profit from selling articles, it is necessary to work very hard and spend a lot of time. Especially in the beginning, when your name is yet known and you have no ratings. Generally, any business works the same way, in the beginning it is very hard. More time you spend on your business, the bigger compensation you will receive in the future. If you are ready to spend at least 4-5 hours per day, good money is guaranteed. If you are ready to spend more time on writing articles? Then the sums of your income will grow respectively.

Now you will ask yourself, how much can you earn from writing articles? The answer is very simple; everything depends on how well are you willing to work. Let’s say to earn 100 dollars a month, you can write 5 articles. Everything depends on your ratings on the website, but the logic is very simple. The higher your level, the less work you do for more pay, and if you are aimed at serious earnings, it is necessary to spend a lot of time on making research and writing articles. The website has a very simple calculator which can help you a lot.

How much can you really earn on Textbroker?

First, it is necessary to know that articles are subdivided into 3 categories. First one is Open Order – Where you can choose from thousands of orders based on your quality level and earnings per word depend on quality level. Second one is Direct Orders – they are just for you and you set your rate per word regardless of your quality level. Third category is Team Orders, they are available to any author on the Team on a first-come, first-served basis. The client seclient sets the earnings per word for the Team.

Writing articles are calculated to be from 0.07 cent for word to 0.5 cents a word. That is, 1 page of the text on the average costs about 3-6 dollars. The writing is appreciated much more expensively when you have a higher rating. Then the cost of one page can vary from 6 to 20 dollars (and even more expensive). Certainly, to earn serious money, it is best to try hard and get good in writing articles. In a day it is possible to write more than 3000 words. It turns out that if you are good, then you can earn from 40 to 150 dollars a day. If you will do it constantly, then you can reach anywhere from 1000 to 5000 dollars a month. Sounds really good, but this is just theory. The real picture differs from “calculated”. The sum can be less of more. Everything is in your hands.

Top authors earn around 5000 dollars. On average people are earning somewhere from 1400 to 2000 a month, working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Remember, it is very difficult at the beginning when nobody knows you, customers don’t know you well. To break through you need to try very hard, believe in yourself. Write well, and remember that sometimes less is more. I can say that Textbrokers is a very good option to start your own online business (because providing a service is business). I wish you good luck!

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