How being a middle man online can make you money?

Today I will talk about a great business idea which is used on the Internet. We will talk about how to become a mediator between the site owner and the advertiser, and ways in which you can earn. Many people Continue reading “How being a middle man online can make you money?”

Toilet paper business…

Today I am here to give you a simple and promising business idea. This may be absurd and funny in our modern society, but it may still work for some markets. So, let’s get to the point, it is manufacturing toilet paper with anecdotes. Continue reading “Toilet paper business…”

Drones for cleaning services “Cleaning drone”

Cleaning drone In our innovative world there are so many technologies to improve quality of life. For a couple of years many innovations have been created and are gaining popularity in our modern society. Today, I will discuss a very interesting business idea which is very interesting and is not used in the world yet. The idea is to create a cleaning drone, or a drone for window/roof cleaning purposes. Continue reading “Drones for cleaning services “Cleaning drone””

“Ugly bag” Is Something You Might Want

ugly-bags The original product was released on the American market. The product is called the «Ugly Bag». «Ugly Bag» represents an ordinary paper package (bag) with only one feature. It features a beautiful woman’s or man’s face on the side. «Ugly Bag» is a new “cool” gift which will be in great demand among people who are willing to play a trick on their friends. Continue reading ““Ugly bag” Is Something You Might Want”

Alternative reality game

Today we will tell about a Belarusian businessman Ivan Maslyukov who has thought up of an interesting business. Everything happened unexpectedly. Though, not too unexpectedly. Ivan has watched the film “Game” and… OK, let‘s go step by step. Everything has begun in year 2001. Ivan went home by tram and has remembered the film “Game” in which the protagonist receives a game as a gift. He does not know the rules of the game, but the bet is his life. The film was very much pleasant to Ivan, and he has decided to create a game on its basis. Continue reading “Alternative reality game”